BUMPZI Web App (Cost Eqv. of 1 Cup of Coffee A Day)

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What do I get? 

You get your own brand on the BUMPZI web-app version that acts just like the app.  This will mean that ALL your customers can use any smartphone to order food or drinks from your business.

You get access to the BUMPZI system where you can load your products and payment gateway provider i.e. (Windcave or Stripe). 

If you prefer to use the Stripe payment gateway, you will receive a Stripe account.  Stripe is a payment gateway that allows you to accept online payments for credit and debit cards. Stripe is one of the most cost-effective solutions to accept online payments. Their fees can be found here.

You’ll also receive a social media shout-out on our social media channels of Facebook and Instagram, with readers being alerted to your location. 

What is the agreement? 

The agreement is that we help through the process of getting set up with Bumpzi and making sure your account is active, and we can guide through changing what you have available for customers. 

Depending on the terms you choose (ie. 3 or 12 months) the agreement is for the use of Bumpzi for that duration, with an option to renew. 

What is the setup fee and monthly fee?

The normal set up fee for BUMPZI is usually $399 but we understand during the COVID0-19 things are tough. We have two options for your business:

  • (Option 1) If you sign up to a minimum of 3 months, the setup fee will be reduced by 60%. That means you only pay a $159 as a setup fee.
  • (Option 2) If you sign up to a minimum of 12 months, there will be NO setup fee.

The monthly cost of having Bumpzi in your business works out to ONLY one cup of coffee a day. Just ONE cup of coffee a day for a full solution. A cup of coffee equates to roughly $5/ day.

Where to from here? 

Sign up above and we will take it from there.


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