Boost Your Sales With Bumpzi

Want to increase customer loyalty? Bumpzi is the solution. Built by Kiwis for New Zealand cafes, bars, restaurants or takeaways. Bumpzi is all set up for contactless, pre-ordered coffee and food pick-ups from a safe place outside your business. It means your staff know what orders are coming and your customers can enjoy your menu items. We’re ready right now to help your business operate again, safely and responsibly. Just hit the button below and we’ll take it from there.

Easy Integration with:
Easy Integration with:

How cafes, restaurants & retailers can get ahead with Bumpzi

Bumpzi isn’t just for cafes and restaurants. It can also be used by any retailer (i.e. honey, cosmetics and clothing) that wants pre-ordered, contactless pick-up options for their customers, without letting them inside.

Our points of difference, PRICE (one cup of coffee per day eqv.) & YOUR BRAND ONLY (boost customer loyalty!!

We can take you through the steps and make it really easy for you. All you’ll need to think about is preparing for a boost in business.

Available on ALL devices (Web App) and


Life without Bumpzi

How life can be with Bumpzi

Did you know…
Coffee beans are actually seeds. Brazil produces around a third of the world’s supply of coffee, followed by Vietnam.

The difference Bumpzi makes

Bumpzi was made by app developers and designers who love coffee and great food and wanted to find a solution to queuing at their favourite cafe. We didn’t want to keep Bumpzi to one cafe though, which is why we’ve created an app that can have your cafe’s branding on it.

Benefits for the customer:

Pick up your pre-paid order when you want
Easy to use
Keeps a record of purchases

Benefits for your business:

Inspires customer loyalty
Improves efficiency
Makes your cafe stand out

"Bumpzi will transform how our customers can access barista made coffee during the COVID-19 restrictions. It's easy to use for both cafe workers and customers and means people can pick up pre-ordered, pre-paid coffee from a safe place outside the cafe. Without needing to enter the cafe."
Q Cafe


We’ll customise Bumpzi
to fit your brand

Perfected your branding? Not a problem. We can take your branding and make sure it looks stunning on your version of Bumpzi.

Without branding or want to improve what you have? We can do that too, with our team of award-winning designers creating something your customers will love when they pre-order their coffee.



We’ve kept the monthly cost of having the Bumpzi app for your cafe really low – it’s close to a cup of coffee a day. That’s a pretty fair price given the benefits to your business it will bring. If you haven’t already got a Vend POS system you’ll need one and you may need some new design work (pricing for this is separate). Got questions? Simply drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.
Does your cafe already use Vend?
You haven’t got Vend
Bumpzi only works with cafes that use Vend, simply because we believe Vend to be the best point of sale option out there for retailers.
Vend One Off Set-Up Price
You have Vend already
Combining Bumpzi with Vend is about to make the customer experience at your cafe even better than it already is.
One Off Android and IOS Application Set Up
One-Off Fee
Per Month

It's a no-brainer

The monthly cost of having Bumpzi in your cafe, restaurant or takeaway business can work out to be just ONE cup of coffee a day. 

How great is that? Head on over to our pricing page to find out more – or just fill in the Contact Us form on this page and we’ll get right back to you.


Case study: Q Cafe, Tauranga

First week sales increased by 26%

In first three weeks: 114 users on Android and 152 users on iOS

Increase of 8 new daily repeat orders from new customers

Weekend revenue increased by 26% from the app alone

The app increased the cafe's monthly revenue by 23%

Huge boost in customer loyalty

Increased reviews

Increase of 8 new daily repeat orders from new customers



Need a Vend POS system for your cafe?

We’re a Vend partner and very happy to be so. Vend is a web-based point of sale system that makes it really easy to sell your cafe’s products to customers. It works on Mac, PC and is simple to use with powerful features that speed up the payment process, ensuring your customer isn’t delayed and can get on with their day.

Get Bumpzi for Your Business Today!

Your loyal customers shouldn’t have to wait for their order.
They should be able to come in, pick up their pre-ordered menu items/ products and not have to queue. A customised Bumpzi solution for your business will allow them to skip the line of people waiting to order, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

Your loyal customers shouldn’t have to wait for their coffee. They should be able to come in, pick up their pre-ordered coffee and not have to queue. A customised Bumpzi app for your cafe will allow them to skip the line of people waiting to order, helping you to stand out from other cafes.